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Training for my second marathon

19 Nov

I’ve ran a marathon before, on 4 April 2004 (3:44:25 chip time). That was 4 years ago. Since then I’ve gained weight and lost fitness. In order to restore my previous fitness and go beyond it, I’ve started training for road races in March 2008. On 27 April 2008 I ran my first road race in 2008. My race results have been steadily progressing since that last Sunday in April.

progress in 2008

My goal is to run a sub 3:30 hours marathon in Rotterdam, on 5 April 2009. For this I will need to be able to run 10 km in less than 41 minutes (2460 s), and a half marathon in less than 1:33 hours. I also need to lose some additional body weight (at least 5 kg).

At this moment, I run a 10 km road race in 44 minutes, and a half marathon in 1:39:29. When I started, I needed almost 55 minutes to complete the 10,000 m distance. That is an improvement of almost 11 minutes in 5.5 months (20 %), or roughly a 3 % speed increase per month. I also lost a considerable amount of body weight (15 kg, or 33 lbs), which probably explains best why I’ve progressed so much in only a few months.

If I keep this up, I would run that 10 km in less than 35 minutes within 5.5 months. Of course, that is not going to happen, because there always is a limit to what a human body can perform, and this limit will be approximated asymptotically.

I don’t know what the limit is for the implementation of the human body that happens to be mine, so I only can keep track of my progress and be awed about what this body can still do at its age (I was born in 1960).

This is not a running blog, nor will it become one, but I will keep you posted about my running trials and tribulations.

That is all.