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Third attempt at Project 1A

10 Jan

For some reason, I don’t seem to be able to get past a certain stage of drawing my own feet.

I analyzed carefully what happened. The problem used to be that I lost myself in the details of my subject and forgot about taking the overall look into account. This time, however, I managed to keep an eye on how my drawing looked as a whole. At some point, I actually saw a resemblance between what’s on paper and what my eyes saw in real life.

Then my mind started to wander off, and I added details that weren’t there, but “knew” had to be there. Oh, those old bad habits!

Third attempt at project 1A

Also, I again rushed the drawing too much. I should have taken 30 minutes, but after 10 minutes I was done.

That is all.

Tapping your creativity

10 Jan

A strange thing occurred to me today. I actually learned something I didn’t know. However, not by having a new experience, but by thinking about past experiences, about life and how humans differ from each other, how we each have our unique perspective.

It started when I rode my bike through the little town I live in. I saw the cars driving by, and it occurred to me that how funny this scene would be for someone who lives 30 years in the future. Cars pushed forwards by combustion engines, polluting the atmosphere, while it is so much easier to drive cars with electric drive trains. The car would also appear to our visitor from the future as a closed case, almost like a moving coffin. He could hardly marvel at what’s inside. What use it is to have an object of beauty, like an automobile, if you don’t use it to inspire other people to create beauty of their own? Why keep it for yourself, while your possession could accomplish so much more in this world, by letting other people enjoy it as much as you enjoy it?

I laughed. The world we live in is so quaint, so egotistical, so limited in what people want to accomplish. Why would you fill your life with stuff, with goods, while there are much better things to do? Put your energy in creating things, in letting other people having a good time while they see what you’ve accomplished, and how they could build on that, mix and mash, to create something unique for others to enjoy, so they can be inspired as well.

Well, that is in the future, a place we don’t yet inhabit.

What are we going to do, horde more stuff, or, instead, create stuff of our own? The choice is ours. Either we stay passive, as we are now, and let others rule our lives, or we become part of an active lifestyle, where being creative is the norm and in which you have to produce something yourself in order to consume what others have produced.

Of course, according to William Gibson:

The future is already here — it is just unevenly distributed.

I could rephrase that as:

The only thing that is keeping us down is our own imagination.

That is all.