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Another Windows 7 beta review

14 Jan

For those of you who really detest everything remotely Windows, here’s a cartoon for you.

Win7beta poo flinging

That is all.

Monkeying around with Windows 7 Beta

14 Jan

This is my review of Windows 7. Because I’m not a tech journalist, this little piece is just me writing that I had fun using Windows 7. It is a different perspective from the many reviews you may have seen from technology pundits.

I’m on a Mac, so I used VMware Fusion 2 to install Windows 7 Beta. I got the .iso file by searching for it on Google, used it as the .iso for installing a version of Windows Vista in VMware Fusion. This went without any problems. I picked Windows 7 Ultimate out of the list of four options.

win7beta install screen

Once Windows 7 was installed within 15 minutes, I again used Google to find the place to get a registration key (a product key in MS terms). I have a Live account, which I needed to retrieve my product key. I used the Windows 7 Help Center to both find out how to register with the key at hand, and how to do it online. This means I can keep using Windows 7 Beta for longer than 30 days.

As the first program to install, I tried Sandboxie, but it complained that it couldn’t be installed on Windows 7. And sure enough, it crashed the OS. Luckily for me, Windows 7 crashes gracefully, and after some voodoo (while I could relax and enjoy the view, because it went mostly without human intervention), it came back up, without any pain or Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). Next, I tuned down the amount of available memory for Windows 7 to only 512 MB of RAM (768 MB was recommended by VMware Fusion as the absolute minimum).

Next, I installed FireFox 3.05, with the add-ons NoScript and SSL Blacklist, to ensure some security while surfing on the Internet. I also installed Adobe AIR 1.5 and twhirl, so I can use twhirl to keep in contact with my friends at TWiT Army Canteen.

I simply dragged the shortcuts of these programs on the desktop to the taskbar, and they registered as a shortcuts to the programs. I unclipped the Internet Explorer 8 shortcut (by right-clicking on it and selecting the appropriate menu option), so I got that out of my way.

Last, but not least, I installed, with which I drew this picture:

monkeying around

Windows 7 Beta seems to be very stable and reliable. It tries to stay out of your way, and only intervenes when needed for security reasons. It is very productive, very much like Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. And it runs on a very minimal system, inside a virtual machine, with only 512 MB of RAM.

That is all.