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The other type of bird

17 Jan

On Digital Doodle (which I discovered yesterday) this week’s theme is “bird”. Now most people will think of the animal with feathers and wings, but there is also the slang meaning of bird. I called this type of bird, the other type of bird.

The Other Type Of Bird

There are some problems with the user interface, as you probably can see in the sketch. Sometimes it is hard to select the color of the pencil (it will not “stick”), and other times, the pencil draws while you hover over your drawing without pressing the mouse button.

Ah well, you can’t have everything. I just have to work around those limitations.

Also see: direct link to the artwork.

That is all.

Digital Doodle

17 Jan

Digital Doodle is an online service for making creative drawings.The website uses Adobe Flash. There are four digital color pencils to choose from, green, yellow, red, blue and black, and no eraser (white should be left uncolored). You don’t have to subscribe (which we love). You can clear the drawing and let the drawing redraw itself. When you’re finished, you give your artwork a name,  add your (made up) name and agree with the terms and conditions (in principle kid-safe artwork only).

Here’s the second drawing I did.


Each week there is a new theme (this week it was birds). It is a lot fun, and you should really try this.

See also: direct link to the artwork.

That is all.