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Video snapshot with msi wind u90x webcam

21 Jan

I’ve installed Skype 4 beta, which allows you to make a video snapshot with a connected webcam. The webcam in the msi wind u90x isn’t high quality, that’s for sure.

Video snapshot with msi wind u90x webcam

I’ve made a screenshot of the video call option screen of Skype with the PrtScn button, pasted that into Paint, saved as a file, which I transferred to my Mac. On my Mac I loaded it into Pixelmator, cropped the screenshot to the video snapshot, and improved the image quality (considerably).

I guess you’ll need good lighting condition to have good video image quality. At normal (room lighting) conditions, the quality is not good. I will test again under daylight conditions, and will post the result here.

That is all.

Ready for the festivities

21 Jan

Where I live (Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands) each year before the end of Winter, we celebrate “Vastenavend” (freely translated, the eve before fasting) It is a Catholic tradition, which is adopted by the general (secular) public. Not the 40 days of fasting, but the festivities that precede the period of fasting. In other Dutch cities this is referred to as “Carneval” (Carnival in English). It involves wearing masks, although in Bergen op Zoom, excessive dress up is “not done”. A bit of dress up is fine, but only in moderation.

Ready for the festivities

That is all.

My new MSI Wind notebook

21 Jan

This is my new “netbook”, the MSI Wind U90X 037EU.

MSI Wind U90X 037EU

Specifications: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270, 1GB RAM, 4-in-1 card reader, 80 GB hard disk, 8.9 inch 1024 x 600 TFT (LED backlit), integrated graphics Intel GMA 950, audio input/output, stereo speakers, webcam, keyboard and touchpad, 3-cell Li-ion battery (1.5 hours), 802.11b/g WiFi, SUSE Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1.

I replaced the crappy SUSE Enterprise Desktop with Windows 7 beta, and plan to put Mac OS X Leopard on it, once I have the funds to buy a copy of Mac OS X.

One word of advice, though. If you forget to set up the time and date, or don’t do it correctly (like I did), you may run into a 0x80072F8F (or 80072F8F) error. This means that the difference in time between the system time and the expiration date of security certificates is too large, and all SSL certificates are rejected. It also means you cannot update Windows 7, nor visit any secure websites.

The fix is to set the date correctly. This may cause Windows to tell you your copy of Windows has expired, after which it falls back to a demo mode, in which you can only surf to Microsoft’s website (asumably to buy a Windows license). Simply reissue the product key that you received from Microsoft for activating the beta. You need to be connected to the Internet to be able to do that. After activation, you get the Microsoft Genuine seal of approval.

If you want to put Windows 7 beta on one of your spare computers, be sure to do it before January 25, 2009, because at that date, it seems that Microsoft will no longer offer copies, nor issue new beta licenses (source: The Real Deal 145: Windows 7).

Another snag that hit me was connecting to the wireless network (WiFi). I wasn’t aware that you have to push both Fn and F11 to toggle between Bluetooth and WiFi.

Here are some important Fn keycombos, for easy reference:

Fn F2 — Toggle between internal LCD, external VGA screen, or both on
Fn F3 — Toggle between touchpad on/off
Fn F4 — Increase screen brightness
Fn F5 — Decrease screen brightness
Fn F6 — Toggle webcam on/off
Fn F7 — Increase speaker volume
Fn F8 — Decrease speaker volume
Fn F9 — Mute audio
Fn F10 — Toggle Eco mode on/off
Fn F11 — Toggle between 4 possible combinations of WiFi on/off and Bluetooth on/off
Fn F12 — Sleep mode

That is all.