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Creating a fun photo with your msi webcam and Snap!

25 Jan

I thought it would be fun to create a composite photograph, using the built-in webcam of the msi wind and the snapshot program Snap! (which has some nice features).

I took this shapshot with the webcam of the msi wind, using Snap! Snap! lets you put clipart on top of your webcam picture. You just reposition yourself, and resize the clipart, so it becomes more or less “believable”.

Snapshot with me in it

To create a composite photo, I had to take a snapshot without myself in the picture. It will then simply be a matter of importing both snapshots into an image editor, put the one without me on top, and rub the part where my face is out on the top layer, so I magically appear from the layer below.

Snapshot without me in it

Here I put the snapshot without me on top of a snapshot with me in it, and rubbed out part of the top layer, so it showed the layer underneath. I did this in Art Rage 2 on Mac OS X, but it could just as well have been an image editor.

Composite photo

The last step in creating this fun photo is to crop and resize the image, so it shows only me in a monkey space suite. I did this on the Mac, using Pixelmator.

Final image Monkey Purplebox

That is all.