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I’m inside a square

27 Jan

Someone on the TWiT Army wrote he couldn’t draw a square straight. That inspired me to create this drawing as an avatar.

I used a cropped photo of myself, imported it as layer into Art Rage 2, and drew in a new, semi-transparent layer this image. After turning the transparency off, I exported the result, did some image juju on it, and voila.

I'm inside a square

Simple and sweet. With a bit of practice anyone can do this.

That is all.

Getting better at it

27 Jan

It seems that three times really is a charm, because the third attempt of drawing WowWee’s toy robot Tri-bot is the best attempt, even though it was just a sketch of 25 minutes.

Getting better at it

Still, I caught myself at peeking too much at my drawing and too little at the subject. This bad habit is still withholding me from progressing. In the book “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson, I’m still only at project 1 out of 48.

Perhaps it’s frustrating, but my guess is that if I keep challenging myself, eventually, I will be able to draw what I see or imagine with my mind’s eye.

Still a long way to go, but small jolts of improvement keep me motivated to continue.

If I think back all those years ago when I was drawing and painting under the guidance of an art teacher, I see something has changed since that time. In those days I couldn’t get myself motivated enough to draw and redraw the same subject over and over again. It was just too frustrating to me that I couldn’t get lines on paper the way I wanted.

Now I have learned this steep learning curve is normal. It is perhaps even necessary, that you first suck at drawing. It is a hurdle you must overcome. The harder it is, the more you keep doing it, because once you stop, all that effort you put into it goes to waste.

Furthermore, a teacher can only guide you. You have to do most of the work yourself. The work is that of directly translating what you see on paper, without thinking much about it, other than what might help you to find new ways to put it on paper. It is the self-discipline of keeping those judgmental thoughts and feelings at bay long enough for you to finish your drawing. When you’re done, you can laugh and mock all you want, because by then the artistic work is already recorded on paper or as bits and bytes in an image file.

Oh boy, that sketch is so “b-ugly”.

That is all.

Dopey with Art Rage 2

27 Jan

This was just tracing an existing drawing, colorizing, processing, and retouching. Nothing really to do with creative drawing, but it is a nice result nonetheless.

Dopey with Art Rage 2

That is all.