Toy Tiger

29 Jan

Every time I start drawing from life, I seem to embark on a treacherous voyage of registering with my drawing tool what my eyes see. I’m always amazed afterwards that I have pulled it off. Until now –knock on wood– I have always been able to make my drawing resemble the subject (more or less).

This plush animal was bought as a toy for my cats. I sometimes spray catnip on it, to give it extra appeal (for the cats). It’s not as beat up as another cat toy I bought much longer ago, which has suffered through more than 10 years of cat abuse.

So, this drawing I’m quite pleased with, even though it’s just a quick 20 minutes sketch. I’m slowly learning not to peek too long at the drawing, but at the subject instead.

Toy Tiger

If I can keep this rate of improvement up, I’ll soon be drawing humans, not plush animals, but humans of flesh and blood. I guess I’ll draw myself first, to see if I’m already up to it.

That is all.

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