I have a bone to pick

30 Jan

I wanted to see if I’m already able to draw without tracing from a photo imported into Art Rage 2. That proved to be much harder than I thought. One painful realization is that you can check if you did it right, by simply overlaying the drawing on top of the photo. This gives you less “artistic freedom”, which may be something that lets you be less free in how you approach a subject. On the other hand, it forces you to be accurate.

Here is the photo I took from a dog toy, I once bought for my cats. However, it never got the response from my cats I expected when I saw it in the bargain bin of a nearby petshop. They have always ignored it, even when poking it in their sides. It seemed they wanted to say: “That a dog’s toy. Get rid of it.” Another useless piece of paraphernalia in my house.

Bone to pick

I didn’t like the plastic look of the toy, so I decide to change it somewhat. This was the resulting drawing.

Bone to pick drawing

So, finally I have found a good use for this object. The cats didn’t want it, but it still is a good subject for a drawing.

That is all.

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