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Alien being

1 Feb

This alien being is created by modifying a photo in PaintBrush.App on Mac OS X. I also did some retouch in GIMP.


That is all.


Sixth attempt at Tri-bot

1 Feb

Now I was thinking this drawing wasn’t any good, but I was mistaken. There are some good things in this drawing.

Sixth attempt at Tri-bot

Only I’m missing something here. While the sketches of the Tri-bot become more accurate with every version, they also become less spontaneous. I need to put more distance between me and the robot toy, otherwise I’ll become too technical and my artistry will suffer.

That is all.

Time for some food

1 Feb

I got a software tip from Terry Henderson in the TWiT Army Canteen, PaintBrush. It is a simple, yet effective application for Mac OS X to draw illustrations.

I actually wanted to eat before writing this post, but I didn’t do that, because I wanted to do some more drawing first.

Hmmm... Delicious

Hmm… delicious, ham sandwich.

That is all.

Stopped in mid-air

1 Feb

So, this is my first drawing since I’m awake, and hopefully not my last. I stopped drawing once I realized the head is too large in comparison to the wheels.

Stopped in Mid-air

Getting the proportions right is hard. However, I got some insight from this drawing. When sketching the wheel on the left, I saw it formed in my mind before I drew it. I got a three-dimensional “flash of foresight” how it would look on paper before I drew it.

So, that is what this “holding in memory” is all about. I have to delve deeper into this. I know how to look and how to draw, but I still am having problems with the how to hold part. I think this is crucial. How do you hold what you’ve just seen into memory, and how do you translate that into drawing?

That is all.