Think practical when drawing

3 Feb

Think practical was the task I had set for myself. I was going to look mostly at the subject and only sometimes at my drawing. My subject wasn’t easy, a photo of Albert Einstein I found on the Internet.

The first sketch took 30 minutes and was from a distance of 3 m of my computer screen (20 inch widescreen). The proportion are just wrong, although you can still see it is a human that is depicted.

Einstein Sketch 1

My guess was that I didn’t have the volumes right, and should first sketch a rough, to get acquainted with the volumes. Next, I would take a break to clear my mind.

Einstein Sketch 2

Then it dawned upon me that perhaps I should sit closer to the computer screen, so I’d have a more immersive experience. And indeed, as you can see from the next drawing, sitting closer is a key ingredient when your subject is on a computer screen.

Einstein Sketch 3

I guess I now need to clear my mind even more, by not drawing for a few hours, and then try again.

I need a bigger monitor.

That is all.

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