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Cynomolgus Monkey

6 Feb

Through the Flickr search engine I found this inspiring photo by Erik K Veland, titled “Cynomolgus Monkey”, which, according to the description was taken at the cave temple of Batu Caves, just outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Cynomolgus Monkey

It was too good an image not to draw, and from Google Maps I can only imagine how beautiful the surrounding area must be.

Here is the first rough sketch, meant to explore the subject. I needed to examine where the parts of the monkey are in relation to each other.

Cynomolgus Monkey 1-a

As usual, the proportion are off, and the parts positioned wrong in the face. Well, I know now what to look for in my next attempt.

The second attempt of sketching this monkey. After I was done, I saw some ways to draw the monkeys ear more easily, namely by making use of the ridges at the side of the face.

Cynomolgus Monkey 1-b

It is all about proportions and logically connecting shapes to form one whole.

I’m always amazed how much the quality of your sketches improve once you’re getting acquainted with your subject. You keep seeing aspects you have seen before, especially if you judge the result after you’re done drawing.

This positive (self) critique offers you ways to improve your work the next time. I’m looking forward to the fourth sketch.

Cynomolgus Monkey 1-c

I found another photo of similar monkeys on Flickr by batigolix, which shows them from another perspective. It will help me to see how to draw the monkey in the pose of the first photo.

Long-tailed Macaques, Ubud, Bali

I’m so lucky that these people have so graciously posted their photos on Flickr and that I’m able to use them for non-commercial purposes.

I’m going to take a short break from this self assignment, because in the weekends I like to do other things than to improve my art skills from books. After the weekend I will continue to draw and present more sketches.

That is all.

Wacom Tablets Are Great!

6 Feb

I tried to connect my Wacom Intuos 3 art tablet to my little msi wind netbook computer, and it worked great.

I thought the usb power wouldn’t be enough to power the Wacom, but it was. Now I don’t have to buy a Bamboo anyway, and keep using the tablet I’m used to when I’m going mobile.

Wacom Tablets Are Great!

Now I only need more power (9 cells) and more RAM (2 GB).

That is all.

Look, hold, draw – television set

6 Feb

The next bullet point on the list I extracted from the first chapter of the book “Keys of Drawing” by Bert Dodson is “Look, hold, draw”, which is supposed to be a basic drawing skill, I obviously have to practice, judging from this short 10 minutes sketch of a television set.

Look, hold, draw - television

In reality, this television set was deeper than you see in the picture. So it back to the having-the-proportions-wrong issue. Hmmm, I don’t really like that.

This is all.

I am a stick figure

6 Feb

Drawing with an external mouse on a computer is so uncomfortable. It can be done, but much more than a stick figure I couldn’t draw.

I am a stick figure

I pity the people who draw freehand on a computer with a mouse.

That is all.