Giraffe 2

10 Feb

This is a traced image done in Art Rage 2.5 of a giraffe. The photo I used for tracing can be found here..

For the drawing I used a limited color palette of 5 colors, which I created with both Adobe Kuler and Color Schemer Studio OSX.

Giraffe 2

I needed approximately 1.5 hours to complete this drawing.

The strange thing is, that the parts where I used more of my imagination are much better than the parts where I copied the photo more or less mechanically. It seems if you do the latter, much of the information goes lost in the use of the limited color palette. On the other hand,  if you translate (part of) the image in your imagination (e.g. with the horns on the head) to fit the limited color palette, it comes out much better. I guess that is why an artist needs a reference photo in these cases, so (s)he can translate parts of the image internally before applying color on a canvas or board.

Although this drawing is not as good as the first drawing of the same giraffe, I have learned a valuable lesson here. When in doubt, rely on you imagination, and it’ll come out better most of the times.

That is all.

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