Replacing the pen tip on a Wacom pen

10 Feb

I have used Wacom tablets for years, but never replaced a pen tip. I wanted to know if another type of tip would help me to draw better on a digitizer, like the Wacom Intuos3, which digitizes pen strokes.

I ordered the replacement kit over the Internet, of course, hugely overpriced (39 euros, including VAT and P&P). Luckily, if you’re being careful, the tips (or nibs as Wacom calls them) don’t really wear over the years, certainly not the standard hard plastic tips, used only occasionally by an amateur draftsman.

Here is the description, as supplied in the Grip Pen Accessory Kit for Intuos3 or Cintiq tablets.

Replacement pen nibs

The different pen nibs change the physical feel of the pen on the tablet. The standard nib (white) is for general multi-purpose use. The stroke nib (gray) is spring-loaded and provides a soft, brush-like feeling. The felt nib (black) has a higher friction than the standard nib.

Replace the nib when it gets too short or develops a flat point. Use the included pen nib removal tool to pull the nib straight out of the pen. Then slide the new nib into the pen barrel firmly until the nib stops.


So I tried this with a felt tip, and once I had identified all the parts I needed, replacing the tip was a cinch.

That is all.

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