Drawing Blind 001

11 Feb

The next self-assignment I have given myself on the basis of the text in chapter 1 of “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson, is to draw blind. That means to draw without looking at your drawing, only at your subject.

As Dodson writes, this often sacrifices some of the accuracy, in favor of a more lively line. You can clearly see that the human eye favors height over width, because the plush lion is to “skinny”.

It is probably also the reason why I’m having such problems with drawing the right proportions of my subject. I need to practice this more to overcome this natural tendency and learn myself to draw what I see, instead of what my mind tells me what I see.

Drawing Blind 001

The drawing is not from the photo, but from direct observation. I took the photo after I drew the outline, to be able to compare what I drew and what the object looked like.

That is all.

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