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How to draw a straight line

13 Feb

How to draw a straight line

Of course, how else? You draw a straight line with a ruler.

That is all.

Confused by reality

13 Feb

It is so easy to make mistakes in your drawing, and you then are tempted to stop drawing. I didn’t do that, but after a short while I did.

What I had drawn and what I saw in reality did not match. This is a condition which I would call “Confused by reality”.

Knowing that even experienced painters need sketches and studies, I shouldn’t be too disappointed. If you don’t know your subject, it is hard to notice are details and the big picture.

Confused by reality

That is all.

Sketch of a toy robot

13 Feb

Yesterday, after I published my post about drawing the WowWee Tri-bot blind, I drew four additional blind drawings of the robot, this time from different perspectives.

WowWee Tri-bot blind drawing 011 WowWee Tri-bot blind drawing 012 WowWee Tri-bot blind drawing 013 WowWee Tri-bot blind drawing 014

Then this morning, I decided to continue this exercise with two new blind drawings.

WowWee Tri-bot blind drawing 015 WowWee Tri-bot blind drawing 016

After I made several blind drawings of robot poses, I decided to test if I’m already able to draw the robot in a sketch.

I was most concerned about the right proportions. That was what I was doing wrong until then, and why I was doing the blind drawings in the first place.

Sketch of a robot pose

Here is a photo of the same pose, to check if I did it right.

WowWee Tri-bot

Clearly, there is still a lot of work to be done. The proportions are much better than before, but the details and exact shape of the part are not very well defined –to put it diplomatically. Ah well, it is an improvement over earlier drawings I did of this toy robot, as you can judge for yourself below.

Sketching WowWee Tri-bot WowWee Tri-bot 002 Getting better at it Doing it the wrong way Stopped in Mid-air Sixth attempt at Tri-bot

It is clear to me that I’m slowly getting better at it, and that concentration is an essential part of drawing. You need to be obsessed with your subject to even have a slim chance of drawing it in the correct proportions and giving it the treatment it deserves. In other words, you need to be a drawing geek to be able to make a drawing that resembles the original.

The interesting part of drawing, and what still bugs me at this moment, is that the shapes and lines are highly dependent on each other. With that I mean that the whole drawing depends on how you draw your lines and where you draw then. Not only that, but when you come back to something you drew earlier in the same drawing, and compare it with your subject, you realize that you have to make it very clear what you draw at the moment you are drawing something from observation. So more than anything else, you must draw in such a way that it is always clear what you’ve drawn. If you don’t and are less precise at some point, you will get confused when you revisit parts of a drawing you drew earlier.

Drawing is not only communicating through visuals what you have observed, but also communicating to yourself while drawing, so you don’t  have to remember everything you’ve done before. Because if you have to go back in memory, you will get confused, because past and present get tangled up, and you start making things up, to compensate for a temporary loss of coherence. To produce a drawing that is clear to  others, you first need to learn to be clear to yourself, every step of the way.

No messy approximations, but clear statements in lines. That is the goal I’m trying to reach.

By the way, did you notice I started with the head, and that I had to correct the head shape as the last step? This prompted me to the statement that you need to draw with intent and high concentration at every point of the process. Never let your guard down, because you will regret it later on. Stay focused and relaxed.

That is all.