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Drawing Leo Laporte, part 9

14 Feb

A sketch of Leo Laporte during The Tech Guy radio show of February 14, 2009.

During the 50 minutes I watched the live stream, I made a lot of sketches, and this was the only one that was good enough to show to you, in my opinion, at least.

I hope I’ll do better next time.

Leo Laporte 015

That is all.

Walking cat

14 Feb

I traced a photo from the Internet and put my own spin on it, using Art Rage 2. Afterwards, I did a little tweaking with a motion blur and a Unsharp filter in Pixelmator.

Walking cat

That is all.

Cat sketches

14 Feb

As a test to see if I’m already able to draw moving subjects, I decide to draw my own two cats. Before I went to sleep, I tried some sketches, but really, the next afternoon, I decided to try and sketch for 45 minutes or so.

Here is what I did before I went to sleep.

Cat sketches 001

The second drawing was actually the first sketch of one of my cats of the day (well, after I woke up today). I first was really excited to draw her.

Then I realized I needed to calm down and focus on the drawing instead of being excited. I felt the blood pressure dropping, and a calmness growing. It is like meditating with a pencil.

Because in the initial setup I wasn’t in the right mindset, the proportions are a bit off. Nevertheless, I think it is a good sketch for someone who still has to learn a lot about drawing.

Cat sketches 002

You would think sleeping cats are so easy to draw. However, you need to stay focussed, yet relaxed, because all that hair can be so confusing if you don’t keep track of the overall shape.

It is drawing and redrawing, until it more or less looks like the real thing. In this case I also needed a new sketch.

Cat sketches 003

In this sketch I had an idea what I wanted to show, and I guess it does what I intended it to do.

Rasheed is a powerful cat, who shows grace in his every move. Even when he’s asleep, he still has this power of a Bengal male cat.

I’m quite pleased with the result of the little sketch.

Cat sketches 004

Cats in action are hard to draw. You only have a few seconds to get the pose.

This cat was grooming herself before she went to sleep for a long period. Short-haired cats are clean animals and don’t require a lot of cleaning of the animal itself. Of course, that is because they do all the cleaning themselves, as this sketch illustrates.

I found that getting the shape of the head right was the most difficult part of this sketch, because she was moving her head all the time. I decided to use that observation in the drawing, by only briefly indicating the head.

Cat sketches 005

So a nice collection of sketches of my cats. I’m glad I tried this experiment and that it turned out so well. I’ll have to do it some more and see if I’ll get any better at it. My guess is I will.

That is all.