Don’t think, just draw

15 Feb

After not being able to draw Leo Laporte yesterday night, I wondered what might have been the cause. What was I doing differently?

So, I tested this, by trying to draw the head of my little toy robot, Tri-bot. And guess what? I couldn’t draw it, how many times I tried and tried.

In desperation, I looked for something else to draw, a sack of garbage I still had to dispose of. And guess what? I worked! What was the difference? Well, I wasn’t thinking, just drawing, just pushing lines on the paper, trying to match them with what I saw.

So that is why I didn’t know how to draw the toy robot’s head, and why I had so much trouble drawing Leo. I thought I knew how to draw. I was using the wrong part of my brain.

It seems thinking about your drawing is the wrong approach. You need to trust on your skills, and not try to be clever about it. Just draw what you see, and don’t try any methods or shortcuts, or you will fail.

Just draw and have fun doing it.

Don't think, just draw

That is all.

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