Very quick sketches

18 Feb

The idea behind this exercise was to memorize shapes and draw them onto a piece of paper. The subject was my Bengal cat, Rasheed.

In the first three sketches, in the upper part of the piece of paper, I took less than 30 s to draw Rasheed while he was grooming his coat. The shapes are still reasonably well defined. You can see what the subject is, more or less.

If you shorten the time to draw even more, as is shown in the lower part of the piece of paper, where I only had a few seconds to draw, the shapes get a bit “wonky” or wobbly. You hand simply can’t keep up with your eyes. The best you can do is indicate where the big shapes are and hope for the best.

Very quick sketches

I’m not sure what that means, but it has to mean something. I just have to explore what.

That is all.

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