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Sketch of running shoes

19 Feb

I made a mistake by starting to draw details first, instead of drawing big shapes. That meant I had to do a lot of corrections.

Sketch of running shoes

By indicating the background first, then drawing the contours of the shoes and some of the details, I needed less time to draw, because I had less correcting to do.

Sketch of running shoes 2

That is all.

Drawing from the spine out

19 Feb

When I saw my Bengal cat Rasheed sitting, I thought that the lines of his body flowed so gracefully. I decided to investigate if I could use that for drawing.

In animation drawing, it is supposed to be customary to draw the spine first when you design a pose. Well, not actually a spine, but lines that indicate motion and action lines.

I noted the order in which I drew the lines of the first sketch. The ears was a bit of a problem, because Rasheed kept changing the direction his head was facing.

In the other sketch, Rasheed lay down, which seemed easier to draw, but wasn’t, because so much of his body was hidden by a couch against the radiator (on which he lay).

Drawing from the spine out

That is all.

Pterosaurs drawings

19 Feb

Mark Witton has created some exquisite drawings of Pterosaurs, flying dinosaurs, and put them on his Flickr site. Please click on the drawing to visit his Pterosaurs set.

You're dirty, sweet and you're my girl

That is all.