Drawing Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane – Net@Night

20 Feb

Leo Laporte has this live stream on the Internet using Stickam, called TWiT Live. Because streaming live video over the Internet is on the bleeding edge of current technology, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes this means the stream is frozen and shows the same image for a long period of time. Other times, the stream is blacked out or even completely absent.

Of course, this is not normal, but it does happen. During those “mishaps of technology” I’m able to draw the screen with more accuracy, because what’s on it doesn’t move (it is frozen). So to speak, one person’s misfortune, is another person’s good luck.

I could have taken a snapshot and drawn that, but the advantage of using a live stream is that you have the uncertainty the stream will unfreeze, or black out. In my case, it staid frozen for 20 minutes, and then blacked out. This puts pressure on the artist (that would be me), so he puts the most important parts of the drawing on paper first and forgets about not so important details.

Drawing Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane - Net@Night

That is all.

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