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Drawing Leo Laporte, part 12

22 Feb

I guess if I keep drawing Leo Laporte from his live Web stream on, one day I will get good at it. With "it" I mean drawing from live images.

This was 40 minutes of observing Leo and trying to capture his expressions.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-02-22

If practice makes perfect, I still have a lot of practicing to do.

That is all.

TWiF – This WEEK in FUN

22 Feb

Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent host the live Internet video show "This WEEK in FUN".

These young people are very energetic, which means they are very hard to draw. I tried to draw them anyway. The sheet was scribbled in approximately 30 minutes.

TWiF - This WEEK in FUN

The result isn’t really good, but you could see it as 30 minutes of solid drawing, and that is never wrong. To be continued, I hope.

That is all.