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Birth of a new avatar

23 Feb

After the New Zealand Blackout, the protest in which people darkened or made there avatars a black square, I decided it was time for something new on the TWiT Army Canteen.

This was the original cropped photo of my face I shot with a webcam.

Birth of a new avatar (1)

This was the first version, drawn in Art Rage 2, with the photo of my face as a template (drawn in the layer on top of the photo in 50 % transparency). The TWiT critter I extracted earlier from a screenshot of the TWiT Live website, and was added in Pixelmator, including the lettering.

Birth of a new avatar (2)

I wasn’t really satisfied with the first version, so I drew some extra’s on top of the first version in Pixelmator, and used the cloning tool to do some corrections on the part around the mouth I didn’t like.

Birth of a new avatar (3)

Mind you, my name on the TWiT Army Canteen is Purplebox, hence the initials PB.

That is all.

Fourth attempt at Project 1A

23 Feb

In the book “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson, there is an exercise (the first in the book), which I have been trying to do for some time now. I believe that today is the first time I felt that I was doing the exercise correctly, and didn’t try to take any shortcuts.

My first serious attempt was on December 8, 2008, and it didn’t even look like I seriously tried. Wow, has it really been more than two months?

Fourth attempt at Project 1A

Anyway, I’ll continue to the next point in my list of key points, which is the difference between knowing and seeing. What you think something looks like, and how it looks in real life does never coincide, unless you’re a really, really good artist.

That is all.