Birth of a new avatar

23 Feb

After the New Zealand Blackout, the protest in which people darkened or made there avatars a black square, I decided it was time for something new on the TWiT Army Canteen.

This was the original cropped photo of my face I shot with a webcam.

Birth of a new avatar (1)

This was the first version, drawn in Art Rage 2, with the photo of my face as a template (drawn in the layer on top of the photo in 50 % transparency). The TWiT critter I extracted earlier from a screenshot of the TWiT Live website, and was added in Pixelmator, including the lettering.

Birth of a new avatar (2)

I wasn’t really satisfied with the first version, so I drew some extra’s on top of the first version in Pixelmator, and used the cloning tool to do some corrections on the part around the mouth I didn’t like.

Birth of a new avatar (3)

Mind you, my name on the TWiT Army Canteen is Purplebox, hence the initials PB.

That is all.

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