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Never Gonna Give You Up!

31 Mar

There used to be a prank on the Internet called Rickrolling. The joke was to trick people in surfing to a YouTube video of Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up. As I remember it, the song was seen as rather old-fashioned and run-of-the-mill.

Never gonna give you up

The sketch is based on an older version of Rick than in the YouTube video (he has gained a few pounds and his hair isn’t as bouncy as it used to be). I needed 50 minutes to draw.

I’m not going to Rickroll you, but I have considered. Ah well, if you insist, look here.

That is all.

Quantum Leap – 2

31 Mar

So, I inked the pencil drawing I did yesterday. I can see why most comic artists want to work big. It is hard to put ink on the paper if you’re working small. I made a few mistakes, which I erased with correction fluid.

After the scan, I removed the specks of ink and pencil traces that were left over (I had used kneaded rubber to erase as much as I could see). The scan was done at 1-bit color depth, 600 dpi.

Quantum Leap inked

I guess I have to put some color in this drawing, but I won’t do that today.

That is all.

Virtual Sketch Date March 2009

30 Mar

If you join a drawing community, you will find out many ways to challenge yourself. One of those ways is the Virtual Sketch Date (VSD).

The VSD blog is set up to help administer monthly virtual sketch dates. Once a month a group of artists bands together and draw from the same reference image for a week. At the end of the week, each artist posts their image on their blog.

Now I was too late for this month’s challenge, but I drew a small sketch anyway, just because I can.

Virtual Sketch Date March 2009

I will keep an eye on this blog, so I can take part in the challenge next month.

That is all.

Quantum Leap

30 Mar

I loved the Sci-fi tv series “Quantum Leap” with Sam and Al. I found a dvd cover via Google Image search and started with the lettering. It is still a bit rough, but because the whole drawing is going to be rough, I guess that is a good thing.

Quantum Leap lettering

I first penciled the letters, eyeballing from the full display of the poster image file on my computer screen. Then I inked the pencil drawing. I corrected the worst mistakes with some old-fashioned correction fluid (used for typewriters).

I want to color the ink drawing on the computer, probably with some cel shading.

Next I penciled in the actors, Dr. Samuel Beckett (played by Scott Bakula) and Al Calavicci (played by Dean Stockwell) in about an hour.

Quantum Leap - pencil sketch

The size of the drawing is around 18 by 26 cm (width, height), so there’s not much room for details. I guess it means I can only do a rough drawing. If I wanted to add more details, I would need to use a considerably bigger piece of paper.

I will continue working on this tomorrow.

That is all.

The wrong hand

30 Mar

Ink pen is supposed not to let you fool yourself with erasing pencil lines, but who’s to say that I just didn’t draw what I saw (’cause I didn’t)?

The wrong hand

Why is that pinkie so long? Duh! Drawn wrong!

Although it all went kaka* last time I tried, I scanned with 1-bit color depth and converted into a grayscale image. You get great blacks and whites at a big resolution (600 dpi).

*Note: kaka is ancient Greek for bad, ugly; think of cacophony.

That is all.