Keys to Drawing – Project 1-B – Hand

3 Mar

The key point of this exercise is learn to draw from observation and not to rely on experience (what you know about the world).

Foreshortening is something that often causes problems for me (and many aspiring visual artists, it seems). The tricks is to forget what you know and just put lines on the paper that coincide with what you see.

Keys to Drawing - Project 1-B - Hand

It requires some concentration to focus on what you see, instead of what you know about the world. Luckily, with all the drawing exercises I’ve done lately, I now have learned to just draw lines instead of things. What is on the paper are lines, traces of graphite left on paper, that represent some object, but not being the object itself.

This realization that what you draw isn’t the object itself, but something that represents the object, as a collection of lines and curves that have been put there by the artists, is a profound idea. What you see is not what you think you see, but just a collection of lines (or pixels in the case of digital art), which is reconstructed in the mind of the observer of the artwork as an object in the real world.

Enough theory, more practice. I need to repeat this exercise, to keep honing my skills.

BTW, I have changed the contrast and brightness of the scanned image to better show you the pencil drawing. Without this manipulation the drawing comes over as faint, and would be hard to see.

That is all.

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