Sketching The Watchmen

4 Mar

I downloaded the two trailers of The Watchmen and captured a frame which I found interesting. I can see that I still have problems with putting things on paper in the right proportions.

Of course, I used the right proportions for the frame (1920 pixels wide and 800 pixels high), 12 by 5. My first naive attempt was a bit discouraging. What had gone wrong here?

Watchmen - 001

The frame was correct, 24 cm wide and 10 cm tall, but that was about all that was correct with my drawing.

The next day, I started with measuring the photo and saw that Night Owl was one-third of the width of the frame in the picture. He was much broader than I had drawn him.

So, I tried again, and this time the result was much better.

Watchmen 002

There is a lot I can still improve, obviously, but the overall impression is much better. On the other hand, the semi-circle in the background has a smaller radius than in my drawing. As I discovered in the drawing of the tennis player, getting the background right makes drawing things on the foreground so much easier.

I guess I have so more studying to do before I can draw scenes like this with less effort. I could use the shortcut of drawing with a grid over both the photo and the drawing, but I think that is cheating. I doesn’t learn me to judge proportions by looking at my subject. I need to develop an intuition for those proportions, to get them roughly right in my first draft.

That is all.

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