The Watchmen, third attempt

5 Mar

I started to draw the background first, using my observation from the screen as my guide.

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 1

I scanned the sketch from part 1 and overlay the photo on top of it. I tried to correct the mistakes I had made by partially erasing and re-sketching in the original drawing on paper, and sketched in the rest of the background (the Sphinx head and semi-circle of light).

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 2

This was a further error correction of the sketch on paper from part 2. When I overlayed the scan of the drawing on top of the original photo, I saw the face of the sphinx still wasn’t right, but the contours were, more or less. Perhaps I shouldn’t go into details so soon next time.

The watchmen 3rd attempt, part 3

I guess because in this stage, the details aren’t really important, I can skip correcting the face and continue with the three characters on the foreground. I can always erase the face and redraw it later on.

I erased most of the face of the Sphinx, so only a slight indication of it remained. Next I sketched in the foreground characters, Night Owl, Silk Spectre and Rorschach.

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 4

Now I have the check the sketch by overlaying the original photo onto the sketch, and make corrections in the original drawing.

I guess I call the following a finished drawing. I know there is still a lot that could be improved. I will leave that for another day and another drawing.

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 5

I think it is a huge improvement over my first and second attempt. I know I’m not there yet. I still need to learn a lot about drawing and practice a lot more if I want to improve my skills even further. At least I now know what I need to learn and what I should practice.

That is all.

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