Alexis Dziena

7 Mar

I found a photo of a very young Alexis Dziena (cast in the movie She’s Too Young). in my TV guide. I traced the photo by putting it directly on the Wacom Intuos 3 and using the stylus to trace through the paper.

Alexis Dziena - The sketch

That wasn’t a very accurate sketch, probably because the photo was only 43 mm wide and 47 mm high.

After I traced the photo in my TV guide, I put it in a separate layer in Art Rage 2, made the background of that layer transparent, and draw with the crayon tool on a new layer, underneath the old layer.

When I had colorized the original sketch, I used the original photo to retouch the crayon drawing, make it look more like the photo.

Alexis Dziena - the drawing

The result isn’t that bad, considering what I had to go on. Still, I see room for improvement, and that is always encouraging.

That is all.

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