Cheyenne Nauta

12 Mar

I drew this rough sketch of Irish folk dancer Cheyenne Nauta. I saw here picture in a local Dutch magazine, but you can more about her online, on Diddlyi.

Cheyenne Nauta

I drew my rough sketch of Cheyenne Nauta by pure estimation in 60 minutes. To check how good my feeling of proportions was, I used the original scan, made it 50 % transparent and lay it on top of the rough sketch.

How good was my sketch?

Apart from the angle of the legs (and hence how the the skirt was drawn), and some other things, the rough was really spot on. I guess I need 100 hours of sketching before I’ll get the whole rough sketch so that both proportions and perspective are correct. At four hours per day, that should take me a month or so.

That is all.

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