Roughing it, part 5

19 Mar

This was a tough composition, because the two players were relatively far apart, there is nothing special going on in the background, and there is extreme foreshortening of the limbs.

Roughing it, part 5

Nevertheless, it seems I have made a reasonably well approximation of the original photo. The players were a bit bigger than could be fitted into the frame, but their body postures and positions relative to each other are much better than in some earlier sketches I made. So, although it is very rough, there is some progress.

I had expected a kind of break-through in my drawing skills, but that hasn’t happened. I guess it means I have to keep banging on it until creating overall correct shape and position on the paper becomes second nature. From that point on, I can go on to more precise representations of photos, or dare I write it, real life people.

That is all.

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