Roughing it, part 6

19 Mar

At first I didn’t realize it, but this is a screenshot out of a computer basketball game. It doesn’t really matter for the rough sketching, because the 3D simulation was good enough (at least good enough to fool me).

Roughing it, part 6

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I am doing rough sketches instead of full drawings. Well, it seems if you draw something you’re not too upset about to throw away, that that fact alone may free you from being to judgmental about your drawing. You still have to try to do your best, but because the investment of time is relatively low, you can relax and have fun drawing.

It is this fun factor that really helps you to get better. Because if it’s fun, concentrating on a hard subject is less of a problem and more of a challenge, something you want to complete. Everything you complete makes you better at drawing.

That is all.

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