Roughing it, part 7

20 Mar

I’m not sure if this drawing qualifies as a “rough sketch”, because it was made in an hour. I guess it is somewhere in between a formal drawing and a sketch.

I have no idea who the players in the photo are, because the article didn’t mention that (it was about betting on sports events, in particular basketball).

Roughing it, part 7

For some reason, the players seem midgets, while I know that basketball is mostly played by people who have more than average body lengths. I guess there is something wrong with the proportions. The overall impression of the sketch/drawing is close to that of the photo, though. Even the “negative spaces” are in order, because I paid special attention to that.

It also seems that this method has lost its effectiveness (perhaps also its appeal), so I should perhaps not continue, but rather look for another method of improving my drawing skills.

That is all.

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