Two little girls computing

20 Mar

If I were writing that this drawing was hard to make, then that would be an understatement. This was the hardest drawing I did so far. Still, I was able to create it in 65 minutes or so.

Two little girls computing

The expression in the face of the girl on the right was very hard, and it still is pretty off-model. The problem was that the girl on the left was reasonably easy and that tricked me in roughing the girl on the right too much. You really need to keep concentrated and enthused during the whole drawing.

I was so busy getting the girl on the right correct, that my coffee got cold and I forgot everything around me. I guess that is a good thing, because it means I was in some kind of flow.

The photo was from my local free newspaper, and can be found here. The article was about the safe use of the Internet on schools. I haven’t read the article, because I thought the photo was so stunning.

Needless to say, that though the expression in the face isn’t what I had expected and there are still a lot of things wrong, this happens to be my new favorite drawing, probably because of the expression of the girl on the left.

That is all.

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