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Digging on the Moon

24 Mar

This sketch is based on a photo of the Apollo 14 mission, in which the astronaut dug in the moon surface.

Digging on the Moon

I liked the clumsy pose of the astronaut, who is obviously hindered by the ballooning of the spacesuit.

That is all.

Cats just won’t sit still

24 Mar

I wanted to check how good my shape consciousness is at this moment. Not too shabby it seems.

Cats just won't sit still

1) My Bengal cat meowing for attention
2) He’s quite annoyed now
3) My other (non-pedigree) cat is carefully watching for the other cat to jump her
4) He’s still restless, sitting in front of the window
x) He wouldn’t even sit still for a few seconds to pose

So, what was going on? Duh, there was no more food in their food trays. That was going on, dumb human!

After I fixed that, the Bengal cat calmed down, but took the fun out of speed sketching outlines. What’s the fun if it’s easy to do?

That is all.

Keys to Drawing – Project 1-B – Hand, fourth attempt

24 Mar

I tried to draw my left hand for the exercise in Bert Dodson’s book “Keys to Drawing”, called Project 1-B – Hand.

Keys to Drawing - Project 1-B - Hand, 4th attempt

I can see that I’ve improved considerably, but already during the drawing I saw the thumb was too far apart from the fingers. Still, I finished the drawing as good as I could.

That is all.