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25 Mar

Something that popped out of my imagination, Interjection-Man, someone who is really into throwing things in between.


That is all.


Jolly Beggars

25 Mar

Before I started with this drawing I knew I was going to be very hard. To make it even harder, I wanted to use the pencil sketch to create a digital ink drawing.

The sketch is based on a photo of the Irish folk band Jolly Beggars, which I saw in a local free magazine and found online on their website as well (see this PDF file for the article with the photo). I needed 3.5 hours to complete the sketch.

Jolly Beggars pencil sketch

I used Art Rage 2 to create this inked version.

The original sketch was loaded as a tracing image and I used the felt pen with a full black color on a transparent layer to trace the sketch. I did this in approximately 1 hour.

Jolly Beggars Inked

You can see the sketch was a bit “muddy” at the upper right corner, where the boulders (blocks of concrete) aren’t well defined. I tried to ink the best I could, but it is clear that this part isn’t very strong.

After I exported the transparent layer as a TIFF file, I flattened it (white background), and converted the color palette to monochrome (black and white only).

Excluding the breaks, I needed 4.5 hours to create both drawings (6 hours including the breaks). This is the longest I’ve worked on a single project so far. The idea was that if I invest so much time in one drawing, it would help me to take on more challenging projects. The result isn’t bad, but I’m sure I can do much better in a few months. I just have to keep challenging myself with projects like I did today.

I can see I need to improve my sketches if I want to go to the next level (an inked drawing), or even the level beyond that (colorized inked drawing).

That is all.