Searching for ink pens

26 Mar

Now many professional artists (and especially illustrators) are going digital, art supply shops find it hard to sell mechanical pens. There still seems to be a market for calligraphy, but manufacturers like Koh-i-Noor and (especially) Rotring are taking formerly very successful mechanical pens out of their inventory.

My local art supply shop only had cheap Microns or rather expensive Rotring Rapidograph F pens. The salesperson told me they are not going to restock these pens and only sell on order from now on.

So I settled for the cheap 0.4 mm Micron pen, and did this test drawing. I first penciled my cup of coffee (a soup mug), then draw with the Micron, erased the pencil drawing with kneaded eraser, scanned it in, and did some image enhancement (making it more pure black and white).

Searching for ink pens

I live in a rather small town. I guess I either have to order online, or go to a bigger city, where there’s still a market for ink pens for artists.

That is all.

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