Ton Linssen

29 Mar

Ton Linssen is a local politician (local to me) who is said to use populism as a means of doing politics. Anyway, he’s often seen in local newspapers, both in those paid with subscriptions and those paid with ads only.

The article was published in Dutch language on March 11, 2009, and the photo taken during the interview is what inspired me to create a sketch. You can find the photo here:

Ton Linssen

I started by just sketching without any preparations. I know that is a bad method, but I just wanted to know what the deal was with this photo before I tried a serious sketch. Just something to warm up would be the correct expression, I guess.

Ton Linssen - first sketch

Once I saw what I had done wrong, I made a serious attempt at drawing. I started with the face, because that always gets me serious enough to stay concentrated on drawing and not to wander off into my imagination too much. Once the face more or less looks like the photo, I know I have to keep going in this way.

Ton Linssen - second sketch

I need to get my bearings each time I draw something from a photo (and I suppose also something from life). I need to know where the parts of the original are, so I know where to put them in my drawing. If I don’t do that, the drawing gets all mushy and my imagination starts to fill in the lack of likeness, so it gets even messier.

I know it’s a bad habit to have, trying to mask your mistakes, but it seems it is something I have to deal with. I have tried to get rid of it, but it keeps surprising me every time I don’t put enough concentration into my drawings. I lose overview and wander off into the land of fairies and lala.

That is all.

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