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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 101 and 102

30 Apr

Two quick sketches for this month.

This is the same as part 91. The pirate is now much better defined than the previous sketch. I guess that is the subconscious mind at work.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 101

The next sketch is based on a photo made with a fish-eye lens. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that feel and look into the quick sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 102

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 98, 99, and 100

30 Apr

Three sketches to make it a hundred sketches so far. Now I only have 899 sketches to make. The first sketch was made on April 1 of this month, so if I keep this up, number 999 will be made in early 2010 (around 10 months).

This old man had an interesting face with all his folds. However, drawing his thin white 3-days beard was a bit much for a sketch, at least, for a relative newbie like myself.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 98

This baby was having a bit to eat, what made for an interesting sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 99

You would expect something special for number hundred, so I tried to do just that. This toddler had such a nice and easy to draw pose, that I picked this photo as a reference for a sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 100

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 96 and 97

30 Apr

The next sketch was a bit of a caricature, in the sense that the head wasn’t wide enough. The overall impression of the original photo is in there, though.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 96

This sketch I had to rework, because the eyes just weren’t drawn at the right angle in the face. I guess I have review my anatomy a bit more. After that small revision I’m quite pleased with the result. I even tried to put some of the gray scales of the patches on her shirt.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 97

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces 92, 93, 94, and 95

29 Apr

Trying to be more efficient at describing the sketches I made, I will sometimes put several of them in a single blog post.

The photo of this woman wasn’t particularly special, and, therefore, I could have some fun putting extra creativity in the sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 92

The worm-perspective in this photo was what attracted me to it. You can judge from the low position of the ears that the photo was taken from below. The upper part of the face is foreshortened too (not as high as the lower part, if seen as a 2D image).

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 93

This baby’s face hasn’t turned out as I imagined it when I saw the photo. The eyes are too high in the face, as are the ears. This is the price you have to pay for not doing any initial measurements. Nonetheless, it is a fun drawing to watch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 94

When I saw the thumbnail of the woman in a car, I initially thought it was a man. However, the larger version clearly showed it was a female driver. I like this ambiguity, which I have put in the sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 95

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 91

29 Apr

Is this a pirate? I guess it is. How fun!

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 91

The sad part however –even though the sketch is fun to watch– is that I didn’t draw him very well. I need to do this one again to get the proportions right.

That is all.