Drawing unknown faces, part 1

1 Apr

I guess if I publish my sketches on Flickr, I could just as well use Flickr to pick my photo reference material. So I decided to do just that.

Drawing unknown faces, part 1

Unfortunately, I was a bit tired, so I couldn’t see so clearly anymore what I was drawing. I suppose I should invest in some reading glasses to remedy this, but I really dread the costs and the social implications when I wear them in public (you, see my hair is already gray, so reading glasses would only confirm that I’m above a certain age). I could also make us of it, and make a feature out of it. I don’t have to squint, because I’m already seeing blurry.

Anyway, this chap’s eyes were a bit higher in his face than your average human. That is probably because he hasn’t yet reached adulthood.

To be continued, I’m sure, with another anonymous model.

That is all.

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