How to draw the human face

1 Apr

A long time ago, I bought this book written by Louise Gordon about drawing human anatomy. It is a translation from English into Dutch, so I won’t bother you with the title of the book. I’m not skilled enough yet to have a practical use for this book, but I certainly will use this book in the future.

Anyway, the book contained two good illustrations of how to draw the human face that is looking straight at you. The book uses the skull as a starting point, because that is more rigid than the other tissues, so it doesn’t change as much and is easier to use as a starting point, especially for faces with a lot of expression.

How to Draw a Face - the skull

How to Draw a Face - the sketch

Both sketches are by Louise Gordon and I only put them here for educational purposes, to help myself (and others) to better understand how to draw the human face. I also have manipulated the scans, because the illustrations in the book were much too faint to be of any use, really.

You can see I had some things right in my previous post about drawing Spock. However, the most important clue, mentioned in the book, was to start by measuring the width of the face and compare that to the height of the head. It gives you the (imaginary) rectangle in which the face resides.

Of course, this is only to help you get started with drawing faces. You really have to draw a lot of faces to become good at it. Also, at some point, you need to let go of the diagram on paper and do it more or less by heart. You still need to measure, though, just not on paper.

That is all.

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