Drawing Unknown Faces, part 12

3 Apr

While looking at the photo, the only thing I could think of for half of time it took to make this sketch was what a proud father that must be!

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 12

Perhaps it was this distraction that made it so hard. I had worked for 40 minutes and saw the head of the father was too small (the daughter couldn’t reach his face). So I had to erase most of the sketch and start all over. Of course, in the next 40 minutes I knew what to do, and didn’t have much thoughts, other than where to draw my lines.

I guess you need to remain objective about your drawing while drawing. Once you start to think about it, things can go awry in your drawing.

All was not lost though, because the second time around I could both capture the expression of the father and the daughter exactly, well for 95 percent.

As an aside, I think the advantage of the pencil is that its markings can be erased if you’re not happy with the result. It is a feature, not a flaw. You should use it sparingly, though, because in my experience, if you use it while drawing, it distracts from the flow of drawing. It’s better to draw extra lines on top of the existing lines, and erase the “wrong lines” later. Or not. The extra lines give a sketch more body, more volume.

The photo was graciously shared to the world through the Flickr public timeline. I don’t know who the people in the photo are.

That is all.


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  1. tenpoundhammer April 3, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    This is an excellent drawing, I think you are improving rapidly. I enjoy your commentary as much as I enjoy your drawings I think. Really interesting stuff!

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