Drawing Unknown Faces, part 22

8 Apr

I tried to not use the eraser for this drawing, just to get me focussed enough to draw. I my experience, if you start erasing, that is what your drawing is going to be about, the editing process, not the creation process.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 22

I knew the mouth shape was going to be hard (I’ve tried this photo before, but didn’t publish the results). So I tried another method, namely drawing a rectangle at the correct angle around the whole mouth shape. Next, I drew straight lines that cut out the outer edges roughly. Next, I drew in the edges of the mouth, as I saw them, correcting as I drew. The result isn’t good, but much much better than what I had before.

The rest was just connecting the lines, to see where the other parts should go.

This sketch is based on a photo I grabbed from the Flickr public stream of photos.

That is all.

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