Drawing Unknown Faces, part 23

8 Apr

When I saw the photo original I had to laugh so much. What a great contrast of emotions, the cheers of the man on the left and the sulking of the man on the right.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 23

After my previous sketch (no eraser used), I wanted to try an unconventional drawing tool, a ballpoint pen, you know, an el-cheapo kind of pen you buy by the dozens for a few euros (or dollars). Those aren’t meant for “real artists”. Since I’m not a real artist yet, it must mean those are meant for me >grin<.

The features of the men on the left are a bit out of proportions, but actually this emphasizes his wackiness. The nose of the man on the left is even more “off-model”, but actually, very appropriate.

I started with the mouth shape of the man on the left, finished most of his face, then drew the man on the right, using the features of the man on the left as a reference (where to put what). I also drew the hand supporting his sulking head. Next came the thumb up, the jacket and the hand of the sulking man touching the thumb up hand, to create the male-bonding hand signal.

I had a lot of fun drawing this sketch. The photo came from the Flickr public photo stream. I’ve commented to the photo that I thought it was a great photo.

That is all.

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