Drawing Unknown Faces, part 28

9 Apr

I used squinting of the eyes when looking at the reference photo, to avoid being distracted by those big poppers, aka eyes, in this woman’s face. I haven’t yet reached a level where I can avoid the trap of drawing things instead of lines, but slowly I’m getting there.

It’s interesting to see how my mind seems to work. I wonder if more people have this tendency of seeing eyes where there are in fact only pixels on a computer screen. It requires some discipline to see the lines of the eyes, instead of that “pre-programmed” idea of how eyes should look like.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 28

Seconds after I had finished the sketch, I thought the face I had drawn was rather ugly. However, now I’m writing this blog post, I can see the striking similarities with the original photo. It’s only off by 5 percent or so. Still, that is enough for my acute sense of likeness to spot the obvious traces of “Cyloness” (reference to the second TV hit series Battlestar Galactica), although, I believe Cylons were exact replicas of humans, only with an artificially programmed brain.

Ah well, as long as it is fun drawing faces of people I don’t know and probably will never meet in life, it is all swell, I guess. I only wished I was just a little bit better at drawing. Who knows, after another 100 sketches I will look back at this sketch and think what I was thinking to put that ugly mug on the Internet.

The sketch is based on a photo I grabbed from the Flickr public photo stream. I have no intention of making money with it, so I published it with a Creative Commons license, so others can use it if they want to. I can’t imagine why, but there you have it.

This is all.

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