Drawing Unknown Faces, part 30

10 Apr

I’m continuing my series of newbie drawings of people I don’t know and who have their picture published in the public photo stream of Flickr.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 30

I keep checking if drawing by interpreting a face is better than just drawing the lines. So far the first hasn’t led to any good results and the latter has. It seems every time I try to think about how to draw the face with some clever trick, the eyes get put too high in the face. If I just concentrate where all the parts are in relation to each other, I get a drawing/sketch like the one above.

That tells me that I know nothing about human faces (I even have a hard time recognizing people by their face, even people who I know and know me). Apparently, there’s no practical knowledge whatsoever in this brain of mine to draw upon (pardon the pun) about how to draw the face I see right in front of me. So I guess I should forget about any such knowledge, and, instead, draw each face as if it were a strange object I’m trying to draw an image of on paper.

This image is based on a photo of a young Asian man with his white earbuds in, assumably connected to an iPod. The photo was grabbed from the public photo stream of Flickr.

That is all.

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