Keys To Drawing – Project 1-B – Hand, part 5

11 Apr

In my previous sketch I had a lot of problems putting the parts of a face in the correct place and at the right scale. I wanted to know why that was, so I returned to an exercise from the book “Keys To Drawing” by Bert Dodson. The exercise was to draw your left hand (or right hand if you’re left-handed), with the fingers pointed towards you. The purpose of this exercise was to learn you to see foreshortening and how it does not conform to how we think a hand should look like.

Keys To Drawing, Project 1-B - Hand, part 5

I was finished in less than 15 minutes, while the instruction clearly stated that you need to take at least 40 minutes to complete the sketch. So, that seems to be the problem. I’m rushing through, instead of taking my time to observe and take the visuals in.

I need to slow down. Drawing isn’t about speed, but about concentration, and for old fogies like me, concentration takes time. I’m not as fast a thinker as I used to be in my twenties.

As an aside, this is the best sketch in the series so far. Obviously, my drawing skills have progressed. However, that doesn’t mean I should be over-confident. Each drawing and sketch deserves full attention of the creator.

That is all.


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  1. Jan April 11, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    slowing down…hmmm. Yes and no. Your drawing is great as it is. It would have been a different drawing if you’d kept at it. Slowing down is a technique just like any other and it has it’s place, but I see from your blog title you are as time challenged as me!

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