Drawing Unknown Faces, part 37

13 Apr

The photo I used to make this sketch was obviously part of a series of fashion photos. The pose wasn’t easy, but I managed somehow to get the expression right, although the proportions are still a bit off.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 37

I guess once you get the impression of “right, I can do this easily, I’m done”, is when you either should start doing something else, or take another look at your drawings a few weeks later. There will always remain parts in your drawing you’re not satisfied with.

This is something what you need to get used to, I guess. Making mistakes is part of what makes it hard to create a drawing from life, and therefore so much more satisfactory (which is a deeper and longer lasting emotion than fun) if you get something that is enjoyable to watch, even though it isn’t an exact match of what you saw in front of you. I guess this is when copying becomes an artistic impression. It isn’t even something you do on purpose, it just happens, because your imagination kicks in and you make something that is stronger than verbatim copying.

I’m not yet at that point, unfortunately. I still need to get a little bit better to call what I’ve drawn somewhat good, and not  the “Kindergarten drawing”, which this drawing is to me right now.

The sketch is based on a photo I grabbed from the Flickr public photo stream.

That is all.

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