Toy Lion, take 2

13 Apr

I decided to have another go at drawing a toy lion I have. I once bought it for my cats, but they hardly look at it, unless I spray some catnip on it.

Toy Lion, take 2

If I compare this with my drawing of the same toy lion two months ago (February 17, Toy lion), which also took 15 minutes to make, I can see what a huge progression I have made in those 8 weeks.

To think that in the book I’m using to learn how to draw I haven’t read more than 10 of the 200+ pages. It can only mean I will get so much better. I guess this also applies to other people. If you just keep drawing, eventually you will get better at it, even if you’re a slow and stubborn learner like myself.

Perhaps I should apologize for not having drawn yesterday. I was just so tired and needed some R&R to recover. Drawing should be fun, never become routine or something you have to do (e.g. to keep your blog stats up high). I have to remember this is my personal blog and I can post as often or as seldom as I feel is appropriate.

That is all.

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