Drawing Unknown Faces, part 49

15 Apr

This photo was clearly shot on a party, as a snapshot. I had to improve the photo before I could use it (red eye removal, etc.). After I made the sketch, I threw the photo away, as I always do.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 49

Both man and woman wear the same brand and model t-shirt, and the woman has some odd jewelry up her nose, perhaps some kind of piercing. The proportions are a bit off (right eye of the man too far to the right of his face), but that doesn’t really distract, I think. It is an odd couple with wild hair, and probably lots of interesting stuff to tell.

The sketch is based on a photo I grabbed from the Flickr public photo stream. It is made in 30 minutes with a HB wood-encased Bruynzeell-Sakura 8815 pencil.

That is all.

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